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Today in math class we had to do an activity where we had to flip coins. The teacher said that we had to flip some coins, remove all of the heads, count them, and put the rest of the coins back in the cup and repeat until we had no coins left.

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You Might Like . . . Comments4. I didn't know what the icup joke meant for the longest time“Spell icup” The big kids they scream at me “Spell icup” I. C. U. P. Oh no! i fell for it! whatever will i do? Drinking out of my milk bottle, the big kids are coming for you. Please stop reblogging this it’s ruining my life Translate True. See 22 authoritative translations of True in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.

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Figboy 4405d ago . i remember the first time i played the game way back when, i was like, "a ketchup bottle? why the hell would i need - ohhhhhh" it still cracks me up with how absurd it is. the fact that the ketchup trick worked is even funnier. god i love video games.

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If this sounds like fun to you then you might want to look for a comedy club nearby that serves meals. I would recommend knowing a little about the comedian before you make reservations. Some can be extremely crude, which might not be the type of humor you or your date would enjoy.

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(Lions) pu55yslayersylvain: okay smart guy spell icup (Lions) FighterFraldarius: ICUP. (Lions) pu55yslayersylvain: … okay that didnt work as well on text chat (Lions) pu55yslayersylvain: thats way more funny irl (Lions) pu55yslayersylvain: but i still got u tho so there >:)